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Red necked wallaby. Macropus rufogriseus

Southern Brown Bandicoot. Isoodon obesulus

Agile Wallaby. Macropus agilis

Ringtail Possum. Pseudocheirus peregrinus

Fat-tailed Dunnart. Sminthopsis crassicaudata

Quokka. Setonix brachyurus

Contact doug@marsupialsociety.org.au

Contact doug@marsupialsociety.org.au

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Contact ayarde71@gmail.com

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Contact doug@marsupialsociety.org.au

The Marsupial Society Exchange List is a FREE SERVICE for MEMBERS wishing to obtain, exchange or sell marsupials to other members.

Please email
exchangesteward@marsupialsociety.org.au to contact the Exchange Steward with your listings.

Non-members please email info@marsupialsociety.org.au for further membership information.

Please email us if you can help with our

BREEDERS LIST available to Society members. Contact details. Species they breed.

Some of the animals  currently on the “Members” Surplus List?

Tasmanian Pademelons - Thylogale billardierii

Red necked Wallaby - Macropus rufogriseus       

Tammar Wallabies  - Macropus eugenii

Members access to the Zoos Victoria Surplus/Wants Exchange List - update 29/12/2017

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