Although limited in availability and restricted numbers. Information on how to care for your native mammal/pet can be obtained by joining the Marsupial Society.

The keeping of native mammals is only possible in Australia’s more enlightened states Victoria.  South Australia and the Northern Territory.  If you reside in any other State your choices are severely restricted. A licence is required in all states to keep wildlife these can be obtained from your State Government Environment department. NO wildlife may be taken from the wild in any State, it must be obtained from a legal source a wildlife breeder, wildlife park or zoo. ou learn the basics in keeping and the extent of their needs, you will find they are no more difficult to care for than a dog or cat. Just as with the usual fair of domestic pets, not all are suitable for the suburban backyard or unit. So do your homework to ensure you get the right mammal for you. Avoid an impulse purchase in a shop and be patient in acquiring the animal you decide on.

Marsupial and native mammal housing comes in many forms.  An aviary for possums, gliders and bettongs, a vivarium for dunnarts and rodents, a small fenced yard for wallabies and other small macropods, up to large sized fenced paddock for kangaroos and wallaroos. Wombats require extra consideration for housing and to maintain their overall well being.

Marsupials as “pets” continued


Keeping native wildlife as pets can be a most rewarding experience.

Possums & Gliders

Small Macropods


Tasmanian Pademelon   

Red-legged Pademelon   

Red-Necked Pademelon  

Red-Necked Wallaby   

Swamp Wallaby    

Tammar Wallaby   

*Black-striped Wallaby  

Common Brushtail Possum  

Common Ringtail Possum

Sugar Glider    

*Feathertail Glider  

*Squirrel Glider   

*Common Wallaroo (Euro)  

*Eastern Grey Kangaroo

*Kangaroo Island Kangaroo

*Red Kangaroo    

*Western Grey Kangaroo  

Rufous Bettong    

Tasmanian Bettong   

*Brush-tailed Bettong  

*Long-nosed Potoroo  

Fat-tailed Dunnart    


*Spinifex Hopping-mouse

Mitchell’s Hopping Mice  

*Plains Mice   

*Southern Brown Bandicoot

Common Wombat   


Large Macropods

Bettongs & Potoroos


Rodents & Others

*Advanced license required. **Additional requirements for permit.

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Species added in 2013

*Agile Wallaby

*Parma Wallaby

*Spot-tailed Quoll

*Eastern Quoll

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