In Victoria there are currently 31 species of marsupial & native mammals that can be kept by private keepers.  We are always working with Government to increase these numbers.

Keeping Australian native wildlife as pets can be a most rewarding experience.

Wildlife can enrich ones life in many varied and unimagined ways, these wonderful animals come with their own unique traits and husbandry requirements.

Australians have a poor understanding of our unique animals this has meant until now only a privileged few have known the joy of keeping an Australian native mammal as a pet. Kangaroos. Wallaroos. Wallabies. Pademelons. Quokkas. Bettongs. Possums. Sugar Gliders and Bandicoots are just some of many different species available to the public to keep now.  

The Marsupial Society caters for people with a general interest in marsupials, many keeping & breeding specific species. Wildlife parks, Wildlife carers, Zoo keepers & Conservationists.

Our Objectives
The Study of Marsupials.
The promotion of hygienic keeping, scientific management and breeding of marsupials in captivity.
The dissemination of information on marsupial keeping and hand rearing.
The conservation of marsupials in the wild and the establishment of viable breeding populations in captivity.
The representation and publication of the objectives of The Society to the government and the community.

Application for Victorian
Wildlife License

A licence is required in all states of Australia to keep wildlife. These can be obtained from your State Government Environment department.

NO wildlife may be taken from the wild in any State, it must be obtained from a legal source

a private wildlife breeder, wildlife park or zoo.


The Marsupial Society holds events throughout the year.  Everyone is welcome to attend our advertised events.

There are currently 31 species of marsupial and native mammal that can be kept by private keepers in Victoria, some of them include

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